From him…

           I am addicted to you. That’s how I feel. Can you see? You are everything I hoped for. You are erevything I need. You are so beautiful to me.. You may be beautiful for others, but for me you are the most beautiful girl in the world. The prettiest. The smartest. The best. You are the person that I would like to see when I sleep and when I wake up. You are the person that makes me feel I am complete. With you I can see the world with different eyes. With brown eyes 😀 The brown eyes inspire gentleness, kindness, amability. So.. with this brown eyes I can see a better world. When I am with you I can’t remember about my problems. I forget even about my family. I only live in the present, hopeing for that moments to stay, for that time to froze. I wish I never go away from you… I wish I never see your buss going away, with you in it. I wish to see your smile everytime I am sad, that would make me happy. Once I wished to see you. That happend. Than I wished to hug you. That happend. After that I wished to kiss you. That also happend. So I hope all my wishes to come true. Than I would feel that I am complete. You are funny, you are the greatest girl that this world has ever seen. And you are mine. I would not give you in exchange for anything. Not even for all the gold in the world. You are much more precious than that. You see.. you really are everitything I need. Seeing you everyday only makes me to miss you more after you go away.. There comes a time for every boy to chose a girl, only one, to love and protect.One girl to be on her side everytime she needs him. One girl to be with. I have made my choice. I belive you are the one I would like to love and protect, you are the one I should be with, everytime you would need me. I would like to share my joys and my sadness with you. You are the one that I would like to remove my tears everytime I cry. You are the one I should help when you are not okey. I have no words to expres what I feel. I wrote some words heare, but this would not be enought to explain what I feel for you. To show hou much I care about you. Still.. there are some words that are the closest to what I feel. This words are.. I love you. Ich liebe dich. Te iubesc. Te amo. Je t’aime. Seni seviyorum (turca). Szeretlek (maghiara). Ik hou van je (olandeza). Volim te (croata).

Mesaj de la el…


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